Making life better for people with sickle cell disease and trait

Sometimes, all you need is someone to talk to. Another parent. A trusted nurse. Another person who knows what it's like to have sickle cell disease.    

Other times, you need answers. How can I deal with the pain? Are there any new treatments available? What does the future hold?    

For people and families who are living with sickle cell disease and trait, it's good to know that free or low-cost help is available. The Northwest Sickle Cell Collaborative is a statewide network of care providers who are working together to offer comprehensive, up-to-date resources to make your lives better through:   

  • Access to Washington state's most dedicated sickle cell specialists - physicians, nurses, social workers, genetic counselors and more. 
  • Opportunities to learn about new ways to prevent and manage pain, to work with teachers and schools, and to otherwise support your child's health, growth and development. 
  • Social activities and the chance to meet and learn from other families who are living with sickle cell disease. 
  • Regular updates on the latest research, community activities and other resources. 

To get involved or to learn more, email or call 206-987-NWSC (6972).